of Lace Lattices, & Languor










The Ladies of Lace, Lattices, & Languor


Of the captivating ladies of ‘Samois’ we have met the young ingénue, & Ann-Marie’s play-pet Teresé (Martine Kelly) already, at ‘Roissy‘. She turns up again visiting O towards the end of the film. Actress Martine Kelly (1945 - 2011) was born in Paris and was known as both actress (TV, film & theatre), producer and singer, and was married to actor Richard ('Eden & After') Leduc from 1977. She died in Paris at the age of 66.

Sensitive brunette Andrée (Albane Navizet) we met at Roissy too. Albane was born in Lyon in 1945 and since 1978 has flourished as a Hollywood photographer moving to Los Angeles in 1980. She was married to film music composer Alan (Kill Bill 2) Reeves.

Cold hearted Yvonne who whips O but has to accept O getting her own back, is played by "Jehanne Blaise".
Known variously as Jehanne Blaise, Claudie Perrin, and Florence Cayrol, Cayrol (who started out as Claudie Perrin in a number of photo shoots and from her lead in "Les Onze mille verges" (1975) and onwards, was, and still is, Florence Cayrol) was a film actress and model born in Paris in 1949. She graduated from the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique in Lille, a city she preferred to Paris. She was known as a pin-up model in magazines such as Oui and in photographs by the talented Serge Jacques. In 1975 she reported, “More films? No, I still don’t particularly like them… Maybe I will do one or more, for friends, people I know.”

Pretty blonde Clair (Sylvie Olivier) is often just out of shot (she can be briefly seen chasing a dog across the lawn in the Samois sequence). But Sylvie Olivier had one of the more revealing roles as Claire, whose sole importance in the film seemed to be to show off her labial piercing. Actress Sylvie was last seen in 'Ainsi soit-il' (2000)

We must not forget mistress-in-charge, Ann-Marie (Christiane Minazzoli). Minazzoli was born in Paris in 1931 and has a long list of credits to her name in both film, television and theatre. She trained in classical dance at the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique de Paris and appeared in classic theatre for La Troupe du Théâtre National Populaire. In 1969, Christiane married Philip Thomas. After many film and TV roles she happily retired from acting in 2001.


O > Corrine Clery

* All stills from the 1975 film 'Histoire d'O' directed by Just Jaekin *