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29 July 2012: It's official, a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey sells somewhere in the world every second!

(UK Channel 4, 29 July 2012) SEX STORY: Fifty Shades of Grey
"Fifty Shades of Grey is the UK's fastest selling paperback of all time. This documentary examines the effect the book is having in the UK and what it tells us about 21st-century Britain. Has Fifty Shades of Grey really transformed us from a nation of prudes to one of happy spankers? It may have brought bondage into the mainstream, but are the British really ready to embrace sexual experimentation?
From visiting a spanking class, where novices are trained in the art of a good caning, to exploring the world of an S&M couple who have written sex contracts with each other, this documentary uncovers what the erotic paperback phenomenon tells us about 21st-century Britain. The programme examines the sociological and cultural effects the book is having in the UK, as sales of obscure classical music and bondage gear increase.
A book club from North Yorkshire read the bestseller for the very first time and share their verdict, while adult retailers Ann Summers reveal what steps they are taking to exploit this trend. Psychologist and sex columnist Pamela Stephenson and Brooke Magnanti, who wrote Belle De Jour, share their reactions to the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. The book has crossed continents, class barriers and the context in which porn is read - on the train, in book groups and even at the hairdresser."

Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic novel by British author E. L. James (Erika Leonard). Set largely in Seattle, it is the first instalment in a trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. It is notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism.


Lucy Hale


Featuring such scenes, the book ventures into territory not usually seen on mainstream best-seller lists, and has proved to be especially popular with married women over thirty – leading it to be described as ‘mommy porn.’

It has proved a publishing phenomenon, establishing itself as the fastest-selling paperback ever seen in the UK thanks to its exotic content. And now the impact of Fifty Shades Of Grey is being felt in the travel world, where hotels are starting to cash in on the torrid romance of protagonists Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

Angelina Jolie


The three Fifty Shades novels have sold more than 10 million copies collectively since being published last year. The series has become notorious for its explicit sexual content and controversial portrayal of a relationship involving BDSM.

The screen rights to the erotic novel have been acquired by Universal Pictures and Focus Features. Numerous actors, including Ian Somerhalder, Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale (pictured), have been linked to the project, but casting announcements have yet to be made (July 2012). In June 2012, it was reported that Angelina Jolie was interested in directing the film and was currently in talks to direct the adaptation. American Psycho writer Bret Easton Ellis publicly expressed his desire to write the screenplay for the film stating, "I'm putting myself out there to write the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey..."

Mills & Boon is jumping on the 50 Shades of Grey bandwagon with a new series of erotica. The title? Twelve Shades of Surrender.
Now Amazon has confirmed that it's the first book to sell over a million on Kindle.

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July 2012: Story of O - the book, is back in the news as one to read on everybody's erotica booklists following in the wake of publishing sensation Fifty Shades of Grey.
    "If you are like most women, Fifty Shades of Grey has left you breathless ... and wanting more", writes culture blogger Ericka Souter, "Sadly, with just three books in the series, your time with Christian Grey must come to an end (at least until the film comes out). But don't fret. There are plenty of other super erotic reads to whet your appetite. Here's a list of the 12 most tantalizing post-Grey options:

    1. Strangers by Barbara Elsborg Two strangers whose lives are spiraling out of control find the bliss between the sheets with one another.

    2. Gabriel's Inferno by Sylvain Reynard Sexy, secretive professor Gabriel Emerson uses his good looks and charm to seduce sweet graduate student Julia Mitchell. (The book was also a semi-finalist for Best Romance in the 2011 Goodreads Choice Awards.)

    3. Generational Sins by Samantha Blair A man who always thought women were things to be toyed with meets a stunning submissive who becomes so much more to him.

    4. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice In this retelling, the fairytale princess is awakened by foreplay, not a simple kiss. The prince's reward -- Beauty's sexual enslavement to him.

    5. Insufferable Proximity by Z Stefani Hot shot lawyer Heaven is faced with an ultimatum from her professional rival Julian: Get turned in for her shady business dealings or agree to be his submissive for 30 days.

    6. Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1) by J. R. Ward Think of it as Twilight meets Fifty Shades of Grey. When a young woman learns she is half-vampire, she jumps into a world of sensuality beyond her wildest dreams.

    7. Story of O by Pauline Reage Written in 1954, this classic erotic tale is about a Paris fashion photographer who goes to a mysterious chateau with her lover where she is whipped, chained, and humiliated to her delight.

    8. Gordon: A Novel by Edith Templeton Set during World War II, this tome follows a recently discharged army officer who begins a torrid affair with a strange yet alluring psychologist.

    9. Emmanuelle by Emmanuelle Arsan Originally published in 1967, this book is hard to find. If you can get your hands on one, you will blush at the erotic escapades of one of the most sexually adventurous heroines of all time.

    10. Sweet Restraint by Beth Kery It's a steamy story of former lovers who use little S&M to get reacquainted.

    11. Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel by Sylvia Day Flawed, fragile, and damaged, Eva and Gideon find love with a little kink thrown in.

    12. Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt Mousy aspiring fashion designer Heidi accidentally spills something on CEO Mr. Kaiser and gets a spanking ... and a job.









Read it now: Story of O in UK £ paperback

> STORY OF O by Pauline Reage
> STORY OF O Part 2 by Pauline Reage

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Banned for 25 years in the UK but now available on DVD
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Story of O
dvd BOX set (includes paperback novel): Story of O

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"This is a high quality and timeless masterpiece of erotic expression that will bring back discerning viewers again and again..."


STORY OF O: The Series

The 'Story of O' Series (on dvd) Reviewed:

Reviewer: A viewer from Roissy, France (October 10, 2001)

"The film came out on Video on the BRI Home Video in 1994 as a 10 Volume set. Now (2000) it is proposed as a 5 DVD series. Each DVD contains two 60-minute episodes. There is also a quite interesting gallery of stills, with audio comments from the Director, Eric Rochat, as well as an English and a German soundtrack. The most interesting supplement is a full length (nearly nine hours!!!) comment track by the director. With his thick French accent, he manages to give interesting insight in this long erotic movie, and the way he shot it. We learn more about his vision of the Story of O, as well as about the pretty Brazilian actress Claudia Cepeda and the other members of the cast." ( more info' at 'You Have Your Say' page - return to 'Key' for that page )

A ten hour version of Hoistoire d'O is a luxury indeed, and despite the Latin American settings, stilted acting, uneven dialogue, dubbing and irritatingly repetitive music there is much to enjoy in this long version of Story of O with a somewhat gamine Claudia Cepeda delivering ultimately a quite charming and sincere interpretation of 'O'. Much thought has gone into the choreography of certain scenes and additional scenes not found in the original novel are not without invention. A prologue introduces each of the ten episodes. The merits of the film gradually win you over...
Brazil. Directed by Ron Williams (actually Eric Rochat) Screenplay Ron Williams and Jennifer Field. With Claudia Cepeda, Paolo Reis and Nelson Freitas.

Story of O Continues aka
"The Fruits of Passion"

"FRUITS OF PASSION - Story of O Continued"(1981)

Also available in the >UK< (£)

Story of Oh! So Much More
Reviewer: Jules Verme from Boston, MA May 13, 2002

A delighful exercise in visual poetry "Les Fruits" uses the "Story of O" merely as a pretext for an uplifting tale of submission and deliverance, inventing what should be called the first porno-kabuki movie. It must be seen more than a few times to engage a full appreciation. To my mind i compares only with Greenway's "8+1/2 Women" and Matton's "Spermula" in the category of films that capture the true pathos of sex in narrative. But this one goes one step further in trying to bridge the gap between western and eastern erotics like no other film I've seen. Kinsky is at his best/worst throughout, as an entirely repulsive Sir Stephen. The chinese revolutionary setting is another engaging sidelight which gives the whole possession/liberation dialectics a depth which O never had. A rare jewel of a painting...

FRUITS OF PASSION Reviewed by Bruce Walsh:
Yet another one of those Japanese-French Co-Pro's, produced by Argus Films and Tereyama Productions. This baby sports two directors, and that may explain a few things. Anatole Dawman directed the interiors (the bulk of the flick) from Paris. Hiroko Govaers is responsible for the rest in Tokyo. Set in China in the late 1920s, this is a tale of Kink and Revolution. K2 is Sir Stephen the wealthy Westerner. Isabelle Illiers is "O", the innocent sex slave and wife of Sir S. Arielle (LACE) Dombasle is Natalie, lover of Sir S. and overall hot babe. Plot? "O" goes to work in a bordello at Sir S's request, in order to strengthen their love. Meanwhile, the Clandestine Coolie Commission goes to Sir S. for a loan toward the revolution. This is a Symbolistic, Surrealistic, Sadomasochistic, Seminal Flow of a flick. Loaded with birds and old Orientals and opium. There's a midget with a bird head ruling a flaming hoop, an odd rocking bird sex machine, a guy with a poking fetish, a child abuse/dog thing, a piano playing in the river and Death waltzing in and out of most scenes. And always remember, "Pleasure can be shared, suffering is for Stephen and me."

Doris Kloster's 'O'

A true must-have !!!

"The Illustrated Story of O"

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John Baxter's POUND OF PAPER

features "O" facts:

Following his entertaining 'taster' in the Sydney Morning Herald last year, novelist, broadcaster, film biographer, John Baxter has devoted six pages of his new book A Pound of Paper: Confessions of a Book Addict to Story of O and L'Image detailing how Pauline Reage revealed her true identity at the funeral of her lover Jean Paulhan and how a German "expert" came to the mistaken conclusion Story of O and The Image were written by the same hand! Pound of Paper is a great read for anyone who has even the smallest of book collections sitting on the shelf. It is available now from Doubleday/Transworld/Random House:

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Another long wait is over, this time for UK fans of Italian comic strip wizard Guido Crepax. Unseen in the UK since his heroine Valentina made a brief appearance in Continental Film Review around 1970 ( that is, apart from recent US paperback imports and earlier paperback imports which found their way occasionally into London's Soho bookshops in the 1980s) the best of Crepax is now available to UK readers and in English, thanks to two splendid hardback volumes from the Evergreen imprint of Taschen. Crepax's inimitable Story of O can be found here in one volume (and contains several pages missing from American and even Continental editions) along with his interpretation of Sade's Justine. His equally splendid Venus in Furs can be found in one volume alongside Emmanuelle, and Bianca. ( Can we hope for Valentina some time in the near future? )

(£) Order the classic comix of Guido Crepax:
Venus In Furs /Emmanuelle /Bianca
In one volume:
Justine /Story of O

ALSO: A few Crepax 'O' drawings are featured in the
Taschen bumper volume: EROTICA UNIVERSALIS II


INFO: The ORIGINAL "Story of O"

Story of O (Histoire D' O)  

The soundtrack music from Story of O by Pierre Bachelet &
the Stanley Mayers music from Story of O 2 on music cd

is available on the CAM Original Soundtrack label from Rome (Italy):
and is distributed in Italy by Sony Music:
in USA by MSI of Miami:
Japan: / Spain:
and is available in the UK now from DIDGERIDOO:
Tel: (01903) 779443 Fax: (01903) 779442
P.O. Box 333, Brighton, BN1 2EH, England
Ask for Histoire d'O - CAM 4932082

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If you enjoyed Histoire d'O ...

on dvd:

The IMAGE L'Image

Buy The Image on dvd USA $

Based on the novel by:
Catherine Robbe-Grillet: L'Image (The Image) (1956)

Written under the pseudonym Jean de Berg.

"From highly acclaimed director Radley Metzger, THE IMAGE (aka THE PUNISHMENT OF ANNE) is a fascinating study of the sadomasochistic relationship between a young girl and an older woman. Based on the classic novel "L'IMAGE" from Jean De Berg, this sexual masterpiece is hailed by critics as one of the best erotic films ever made. Beautifully photographed and loaded with highly charged sexual imagery and provocative situations, THE IMAGE is a cinematic masterpiece that brings the darker side of your deepest erotic fantasies to life.
Restored directly from the original 35mm camera negatives, this DVD of THE IMAGE is the definitive release of this erotic cinema classic. Presented uncut and uncensored for the first time

Purchase the novel: The Image (£) by Jean de Berg

(US$) The Image by Jean de Berg

"This is a book that stands head and shoulders above most porn writing ­ and it certainly deserves the recognition that the 'Story of O' has achieved."

Catherine Robbe-Grillet

Catherine Robbe-Grillet (née Rstakian; born in Paris, 1930) is a French theatre and cinema actress and photographer who has published BDSM-related writings under the pseudonyms Jean de Berg and Jeanne de Berg.

L'Image, a sadomasochistic novel published in 1956 by éditions de Minuit, was written under the pseudonym Jean de Berg. Radley Metzger made the novel into a 1974 film, The Image, also known as The Punishment of Anne.

She is also the author of Cérémonies de femmes (ed. Grasset) (1985) written under the pseudonym Jeanne de Berg and "Entretien avec Jeanne de Berg" (ed. Les Impressions Nouvelles) (2002) under the name Catherine Robbe-Grillet. In 2004, she wrote, under her own name, Jeune mariée: Journal, 1957-1962 (ed. Fayard), an account of the early years of her marriage. Her most recent publication is "Le Petit Carnet Perdu" (March 2007, ed. Fayard) under the name of Jeanne de Berg.

She had a small part in L'Immortelle (1963) as Catherine Sarayan. Her last appearance as an actress was on stage in 2006 in Une Belle Enfant Blonde a play based on the writings of Dennis Cooper.

She married Alain Robbe-Grillet in Paris on 23 October 1957 (he died in February 2008).


Alain Robbe-Grillet (18 August 1922 – 18 February 2008), was a French writer and filmmaker. He was, along with Nathalie Sarraute, Michel Butor and Claude Simon, one of the figures most associated with the Nouveau Roman (new novel) trend. Alain Robbe-Grillet was elected a member of the Académie française on March 25, 2004.
Robbe-Grillet also wrote screenplays, notably for Alain Resnais' 1961 film Last Year at Marienbad, a critical success that is considered to be one of the finest French films of the 1960s. It was followed by a number of films written and directed by Robbe-Grillet himself: Trans-Europ-Express (1966), his two French-Slovak films L'homme qui ment (The Man Who Lies) (1968), L'Eden et après (Eden and After) (1970), Glissements progressifs du plaisir (The Slow Slidings of Pleasure) (1974), Le jeu avec le feu (Playing with Fire) (1975), La belle captive (The Beautiful Captive) (1983), C'est Gradiva qui vous appelle (Gradiva) (2006), and many others.

GRADIVA > now on dvd <

"Completed two years before his death, Robbe-Grillet’s final film, Gradiva (full title: C’est Gradiva qui vous appelle), works quite nicely as a cinematic swan song, even smoothly integrated startling slices of footage from his past films like L'éden et après and Glissements progressifs du plaisir (neither of which have received English-friendly releases in any format to date). Elliptical, sometimes confusing, and always visually ravishing, Gradiva features the usual Robbe-Grillet staples like unexplained segues into fantasy sequences and static tableaux of women in bondage (but with nothing resembling a standard sex scene in sight). The film credits its source as the influential 1903 Wilhelm Jensen novel (a psychoanalytical favorite) but is really more of a playground for the director’s obsessions and ruminations on aesthetics, which can be frustrating for the uninitiated but fascinating for anyone willing wander through his dark filmic alleys."

"For years Robbe-Grillet refused to allow his films to be released on home video, arguing that they could only be appreciated in a cinema. That situation began to change with the official release of his excellent La belle captive, and this marks the second sanctioned DVD of one of his titles. Mondo Macabro’s gorgeous anamorphic transfer is a stunner from start to finish, filled with burnished gold and brown hues with startling red accents in numerous scenes. It’s easily one of the most beautiful discs they’ve released to date, and the French soundtrack (with optional English subtitles) is pristine as well. Along with a text bio for the director and cast, the disc includes a wonderful half-hour interview with the bearded filmmaker who talks about his work and the often taboo subject matter which landed him in trouble for decades." (Mondo Digital)

Salvador Dali's GRADIVA steps into the dreams of the Surrealists.

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"If we avow that the senses' joy is always dependent upon the imagination, always regulated by the imagination, one must not be amazed by the numerous variations the imagination is apt to suggest during the pleasurable episode, by the infinite multitude of different tastes and passions the imagination's various extravagances will bring to light.
However luxurious these tastes, they ought not appear more remarkable than those of an ordinary species; there is no reason to find a meal-time eccentricity less extraordinary than a bedroom whim...Three quarters of the universe may find the rose's scent delicious without that serving either as evidence upon which to condemn the remaining quarter which might find the smell offensive, or as proof that this odor is truly agreeable." - de Sade

Christopher Lee as the menacing Dolmance in Jess Franco's Eugenie.


Eugenie - The Story Of Her Journey Into Perversion [1969]

>UK £< : also available in the USA: US $ Eugenie

"Let this Eugenie out of the bottle"

Reviewer: Johnnie Mclaren

"Eugenie was described by Jess Franco as the film he hated least. With good cause. Whilst some Franco fare is a jumble of sexploitation and poor editing, this little number is one of his best. Erotic without being tacky, and sensual without becoming pornographic, it is an excellent edition to any Eurotica collection.
Beautifully shot in a dreamy coastal landscape, with the awesome Marie Liljedahl and Maria Rohm, it is undoubtedly one of Franco's finest achievements. Dont know why the Amazon details of the film (year and cast) get their facts so wrong- so check the web for further details. Anyway, buy it. And look out for Christopher Lee's interview in the extras. It is one of funniest little vignettes I have seen for a long time." ( originally filmed under the title Philosophy of the Boudoir but not to be confused with another Eurocine movie of that title - Stephan )


The 20th century Erotic Fiction:

20th century erotic fiction includes such classics of the genre as: Suburban Souls (1901), published by Carrington and possibly written by him also;The Confessions of Nemesis Hunt (issued in three volumes 1902, 1903, 1906), probably by George Reginald Bacchus, printed by Duringe of Paris for Leonard Smithers in London; Josephine Mutzenbacher (1906) by Felix Salten; Sadopaideia (1907) by Anon (possibly Algernon Charles Swinburne); Les Mémoires d'un jeune Don Juan (1907) and the somewhat disturbing Les onze mille verges (1907) by Guillaume Apollinaire; The Way of a Man with a Maid (1908)[73] and A Weekend Visit by Anon; Pleasure Bound Afloat (1908), Pleasure Bound Ashore (1909) and Maudie (1909) by Anon (probably George Reginald Bacchus); Manuel de civilité pour les petites filles à l'usage des maisons d'éducation (1917) and Trois filles de leur mère (1926) by Pierre Louys; Story of the Eye (1928) by Georges Bataille; Tropic of Cancer (1934) and Tropic of Capricorn (1938) by Henry Miller; The Story of O (1954) by Pauline Réage; Helen and Desire (1954) and Thongs (1955) by Alexander Trocchi; Ada, or Ardor (1969) by Vladimir Nabokov; Journal (1966), Delta of Venus (1978) and Little Birds (1979) by Anaïs Nin and The Bicycle Rider (1985) by Guy Davenport.
Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita is often described as an erotic novel, but other critics view it more as a literary drama with elements of eroticism.
Lolita and The Story of O were published by Olympia Press, a Paris-based publisher, launched in 1953 by Maurice Girodias as a rebadged version of the Obelisk Press he inherited from his father Jack Kahane. It published a mix of erotic fiction and avant-garde literary works. The Girls of Radcliff Hall is a roman à clef novel in the form of a lesbian girls' school story written in the 1930s by the British composer and bon-vivant Gerald Berners, the 14th Lord Berners, under the pseudonym "Adela Quebec", published and distributed privately in 1932.

If you enjoyed Histoire d'O....

Buy George Bataille STORY OF THE EYE: Histoire De L'oeil
(with an introduction by Susan Sontag which also examines Story of O)

Also consider adding these to your library of erotica:

de Sade Justine
Comt de Lautreamont Maldoror
Baudelaire Les Fleurs du Mal

Octave Mirbeau Torture Garden
Pauline Reage
Story of O
Jean de Berg L'Image
Anais Nin Delta of Venus
George Bataille Tears of Eros


BOOKS : Erotic Photography...
Modern Erotic Photography ed.Michelle Olley Venus
Helmet Newton : Retrospective
Jan Saudek
Bettina Rheims Chambre Close
Bettina Rheims Female Trouble

Gilles Berquet ($) La Solitude des Anges
Gilles Berquet : AME
Pierre Molinier J. Vincente Aliaga
Irina Ionesco
Jeux De Dames Cruelles Serge Nazarieff
China Hamilton : A View From Behind
China Hamilton : Woman
Doris Kloster:
Story of O

BOOKS : Erotic Art & Artists...
Erotica Universalis Gilles Neret
Erotica Universalis Vol 2 Gilles Neret
Erotic Art ed.Gilles Neret
Erotic Art ed. Peter Weiermair
Erotic Museum in Berlin

Eros & Death Peter Weiermair
Hans Bellmer:The Anatomy of Anxiety Sue Taylor
Leonor Fini Esther Selsdon

DVD: movies...
Venus in Furs (1970)
Story of O (1974)
The Realm of the Senses

Of Freaks & Men
The Devil in Miss Jones
Eyes Wide Shut
Basic Instinct

Nine & Half Weeks
Eyes Wide Shut dvd
Tinto Brass' The Key dvd
Miranda dvd
The Voyeur dvd


Order VENUS IN FURS by Leopold Sacher-Masoch


The Beast




Sylvia Kristel is "Emmanuelle" on dvd $ : Click Here!
"Emmanuelle 1, 2, 3...." on dvd £ : Click Here!


Check out other Jess Franco movies including

She Killed In Ecstasy [1970], Vampyros Lesbos [1970],
The Awful Doctor Orlof [1962], Female Vampire [1973] ...
Eugenie de Sade

"I recommend EUGENIE DE SADE for anyone dipping their toe into Franco ..."

"By way of the usual suspects (de Sade, Nietzsche, Mishima) creepy middle-aged writer Raedek (Paul Muller) argues that life is only lived in moments of extreme passion linked to sex & death. He grooms his stepdaughter Eugenie (Soledad Miranda) to act out the erotic murder of random women, which he photographs & films. The couple's descent into the abyss is witnessed by a fellow writer (Jess Franco) and the film is cleverly framed by Soledad's deathbed confession to Franco. Eugenie de Sade should not be confused with the earlier Eugenie: Her Journey into Perversion. That was pure 60s garish delirium while this is entering into downbeat 1970s sleaze territory. This Eugenie also lacks the glossy kitsch fun & games of the other two films in Franco's Soledad Miranda trilogy (Vampyros Lesbos & She Killed in Ecstasy). Eugenie de Sade is actually a rather disturbing film, a bit Hitchcockian & also comparable with Powell's Peeping Tom. The low budget sleaze factor gives an undeniable immediacy and intensity to certain scenes, of a kind David Lynch could never reach with his designer-perversity for yuppies. Relatively well scripted & made for the genre and acted with commitment (especially by Miranda of course), Eugenie de Sade is definitely recommended to those who like cinema from the other side of the tracks."

Justine De Sade [1972] UK £

Reviewer: nixon234
I loved this movie. It is an exploitation classic- which is also thankfully uncut. Expensive sets, camp dialogue and beautiful naked (French) women are an irresistible combination for lovers of this ever more popular genre.
Adapted from de Sade, it reflects the author's cynicism that those who do good are taken advantage of- and those who take the advantage gain the prizes. Poor Justine is our eponymous victim.
OK, it is a little unsubtle at times, but that is part of its charm. However the key point about this film is that it is titillating without being tacky. At the end of the day it is good clean fun and a thoroughly good watch. So if you like Eurotica, you will love this.

Justine (1968) (dvd) US $

Borowczyk's Immoral Tales (dvd) US $

"This film is not for the even vaguely prudish or squeamish, but if you can dig a real life lesbian "vampire" in a bathtub of blood, and an incestuous, murderous orgy with the Pope and his two kids, this is the film for you!! Plus, Paloma Picasso has really beautiful eyes, which are prominently featured in several closeups. Those shots alone, which were truncated in the VHS copy I've enjoyed these last 20 years, were enough to make me want to get the widescreen version in DVD." Jamesie-Boy 2003

AND: The Beast / La bête (1975) (dvd) US $

Reviewer: Tony Crosgrey from Fringe Video Fanzine, Peterborough, Ontario (February 4, 2002)
Born in Poland Walerian Borowczyk is both known as a painter and a movie director. His first introduction to film was creating posters for Paris cinemas in the late 1950s, since then he has, made over a dozen films, and has placed himself in a class by himself. Once a respected producer of fine art, he quickly became renown in the low brow community after releasing this film. This DVD has been a highly sought after film in the Borowczyk catalogue, and is considered by some to be "...the most controversial film of the decade". An insane adult reworking of 'The Beauty and the Beast' tale. Forbidden for over 25 years, its is only now finally available uncut in North America. This erotic fable was originally to be part of the Immoral Tales (1974) [Anchorbay Entertainment] anthology, yet was put aside due to it's controversial subject matter then later transformed into this film. Any arthouse crowd respect was probably lost within the first ten minutes of the film. The opening close-up of ahorse's throbbing vagina gave me a bit of a shock, and I soon realized that I was in for a very interesting ride. The financially unstable son, Mathurin (Pierre Benedtti), and very rich, and horny Lucy Broadhurst (Lisbeth Hummel) are soon to be arranged in marriage at the failing Mathurin estate. The home is full of history relating to the families most famous ancestor, Romilda. Lucy immediately becomes fascinated with Romilda, and stumbles upon her diary. The tale is told of the day she was brutally attacked in the woods by a comical man / beast creature with a extra large penis. This scene is both shockingly powerful and hilariously funny all at once. Combining black humour, with graphic sexuality. "...And this beast, possessed of a giant phallus and an insatiable lust, set upon thebeautiful young lady of the house. Two centuries later, the tale of the beast would return in the dreamsof an American heiress contracted to carry the male descendant of the same crumbling artistocraticfamily and their secret..." Borowczyk's erotic masterpiece forbidden for many years is now available uncensored on DVD for the first time from Cult Epics. My mouth was left a gasp from beginning to end with this outrageous film, even without any extras it is well worth the purchase.